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World War 2 – Street Ruins – Unreal Engine Speed Design

World War 2 - Street Ruins - Unreal Engine Speed Design I have started a new channel on Youtube - The Motion of Pictures - Craft in Action. I may change the name to something a little more CG specific and I am thinking of Motion in Pixels - although I am not completely sold on this title yet, so I am giving

Unreal Engine – Asset Naming Conventions

Anyone that has worked using Unreal engine will know that there can be a huge amount of various assets that get used and imported into Unreal Engine Projects. So it has been standardised to put certain prefixes before different types of files to help identify them quickly and efficiently. - If you are working in a game or just creating cinematics it is good

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Chevrolet Blanc et Noir

Chevrolet Blanc et Noir The Chevrolet Blanc et Noir is a toy car made by the French firm Vilac. When I first saw a photo of the car some years back I was struck by its bold shape, slick lines and art deco styling.  So it was a great joy to recreate the model and bring it into a digital world.

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Victorian Christmas Living Room – Ambient background video

The Journey: The snow gently drifted down outside and the cold air was kept at bay by the soothing embers burning in the fireplace. Jack had spent the last few days at his great uncle's house and had arrived home that very day after a long journey. Upon arrival, it felt like a weight had lifted from his shoulders, for the route back was

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Castle ruins by a Lake | Ambient and medieval music background video

The ruins of this once-majestic castle rest on the shoreline of this sacred loch. Its creation lays in mystery and the clan that built it was known for their kinship towards each other. Their fate though is unknown, for no record in a history book or note of travelling historian records their passage from the land, and around a thousand years ago they

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Tavern in the Forest – Ambient night time atmosphere – Nature Sounds and a Gusting Wind

There is a tavern far to the north and situated deep in the Iceni forest. It is one of the last places of refuge before the great forest wilderness and then the unexplored lands of the northern tundra. The great mage, Gorax, has been known to frequent here on occasion whilst he wandered the land, and it is visited only by those who

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Campfire Scene at Night at the Edge of a Forest (Ambient background)

The river edge was known by locals as a place for meditation, relaxation and contemplation. So when I found the remote location, I had high expectations, although I was warned to bring none with me and only to take in and experience, without distraction, what I saw, felt and heard. What I experienced did not disappoint, and as the sunset on the horizon,

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Campfire Scene at Night at the Edge of a Forest (Ambient background)

A cold breeze blows against my face as I reach the edge of the forest. On the horizon, the sun is starting to set, but in the far distance, I can see the flickering light of a campfire. Roaming free in the wilds, anywhere on the land is my resting place, but for tonight perhaps these fellow campers will not mind some company. So I

From Vaudeville to Cinema

From Vaudeville to Cinema Vaudevill to Cinema: This short documentary provides an introduction to the influence and connection between stage theatre entertainment and early cinema. It provides an insight into some of the famous comedians and performers, such as The Marx Brothers or Stanley Laurel (of Laurel and Hardy) who transitioned from stage entertainment, such as vaudeville and music hall

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