“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.” 

Henry David Thoreau


The Motion of Pictures is a production company set up by Chris J Mitchell as a central point and banner that produces video and animation work. In the time since its creation, several different projects have been produced including documentaries, screenplays, audio stories, animations and short videos. 

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The Motion of Pictures

Our Work

Feature length and short Animations created by The Motion of Pictures

The Concise History of the Origins of Cinema, The Disappearance of Louis Le Prince and other documentaries…

Ambient nature backgrounds, ASMR videos, short animations, wildlife and nature filming…

Castle Ruins

Motion of Pictures Blog – News and Updates

Unreal Engine – Asset Naming Conventions

Anyone that has worked using Unreal engine will know that there can be a huge amount of various assets that get used and imported into Unreal Engine Projects. So it has been standardised to


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